By: Kelly Talamas


There’s never been a more ideal time than the present to opt for a strictly lingerie dress-code on Valentine’s Day. While we’re not exactly ready to give up athleisure life just yet, the idea of stripping down to the bare essentials for one weekend is equal parts enticing and liberating. As with mostly everything else, this holiday we’re redefining the ways to celebrate our love, and as it turns out, rediscovering the sexiness in simplicity. When it comes to dressing, nothing represents subtle seduction like lingerie, so we consulted the experts for advice on turning it up while laying low.

Creative Director of Salome Laurenty

What’s your foolproof advice for mastering seduction? Love yourself. Seduction begins by loving yourself, by loving every inch of your body, its shape and its history. Indulge and pamper yourself. Respect yourself, because it’s this self-love that gives you the wings you’ll need to conquer the world and always remain consistent with yourself. When you love yourself, nothing can stop you, and you’ll know that you deserve only the best.

When choosing date night lingerie, what should one always keep in mind? Consistency is important in all aspects of our lives, and when it comes to choosing a garment that makes you feel special or sensual, it’s even more so. In order to feel empowered, it should reflect who you are and make you feel comfortable. The important thing is not if it has lace or not, but whether it brings out your inside super power and makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

Is there a piece that never fails? Any piece that empowers you, and for everyone it will be different, which is why it’s important to try different things in order to find yours. That piece should make you feel safe, strong, with an appetite to take on the world, but above all, it should reflect your essence and enhance your beauty.


Creative Director of Mai Petit

When it comes to seducing, what is your best advice? A backlash is emerging against unattainable and stereotyped lifestyles in which attitudes towards sensuality and intimacy become more open, inclusive and realistic. While there is no secret weapon or infallible formula for talking about seduction, the power of self-confidence and authenticity is undeniable. Nothing transmits more energy than a woman who feels comfortable in her own skin.

What should one always keep in mind when choosing the right lingerie for a romantic night? At Mai Petit we believe that excess is not necessary to transmit power and sensuality, which is why we create our garments with special care and attention to the smallest details, without unnecessary ornaments and with minimalist silhouettes that highlight the body and organic lines of women. Based on these design values, we consider that the choice of the ideal lingerie to seduce must, as a premise, generate confidence in the woman who wears it.

Is there a piece that never fails? Without a doubt our Daisy set. These pieces externalize eroticism through carefully designed details, soft textiles and exquisite gold-plated accessories so that whoever wears them does not hide who they are, yet on the contrary, become visible in a subtle and sophisticated way.