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The Art of Dressing in 2021

The simple act of getting dressed may come as an art to some, but, more often than not, is a burdensome task for most. A chore from which we were granted respite over the past year, to the relief of many, because anyone can manage slipping on sweats and sneakers, right? Yet, just when we’ve mastered the whole WFH uniform, physical events have slyly started reclaiming slots in our agendas, sending wardrobes worldwide into a strange sort of limbo. Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed contradicting moods in my sartorial choices, vacillating between questioning the social acceptability of a sweatshirt for work meetings to wondering whether a trip to the doctor merits that Carlo Carrizosa Fontana dress I’ve been longing to wear…anywhere! The conclusion I’ve come to is that while I’m ready to retire my leisurewear (perhaps indefinitely), I’m no longer willing to sacrifice even the slightest modicum of comfort in my day to day outfits. After weeks of endless scrolling and filling a virtual shopping cart with pieces I think will fulfill my needs as a working mother for polished practicality, I decided to open up the conversation with friends and colleagues in the industry– those few to whom getting *well* dressed comes as second nature. 

Here, six Latin editors and tastemakers discuss personal style, wardrobe investments and the designers currently on their radars.

Editor in Chief, Vogue Mexico & Latin America

How would you define your style?

This is a hard question for me because some days I want to wear a skirt or a dress and the next day I will wear jeans and a t-shirt. I would say classic with a bit of romance. 

Current uniform?

Jeans, t-shirt and crewneck sweater – I pretty much wear a variation of a crew neck daily or a crew neck sweater and a skirt. 

How has your style evolved over the past year, if at all?

Since I moved to México City my style changed slightly. When I lived in New York, I found that I enjoyed dressing up more for work. When I moved to Mexico I realized, it was fall in the morning, summer at 12 PM, and then rainy in the evening, always two seasons in one day. The way I dressed did change, I wear much less dresses than I did in New York.  This past year I wanted to wear more comfortable pieces, but that can be a dress for me (more so than even leggings or sweatpants) or jeans and a sweater. The one thing I haven’t worn are very high heels, I don’t like them on me anymore. 

What pieces in your closet can you not live without, and what makes them so special?

I have a few navy and black crewneck sweaters from From Future that I love and wear every week.  I wear them with skirts and jeans (trousers – when I used to wear them).  I really can’t live without them. They are the perfect shape and really soft. Mexico’s weather changes throughout the day, so I really depend on a great blazer for layering and going into the evening. 

Best styling advice?

Wear what you feel comfortable in. Nothing is worse than someone who looks uncomfortable in an outfit no matter how much it costs or what designer it is. 

Best recent brand discovery?

I love a local Mexican brand called Korimi Kids – they have been doing a lot of childrens clothes, but recently launched their women’s pieces, and the linen pieces from Aguel. 

Any trends you’re embracing at the moment?

Hmmm – I always love wearing color and prints in my wardrobe. Depends on my mood. I really loved the Miu Miu and Celine spring collections, a mix of great sporty pieces, but I would maybe choose one item to buy for myself. I guess I could say I have embraced sneakers and leggings (more fashion) than I would have normally. I do love the blazer over sports bra look, but not sure I can pull it off! 

What’s your approach to investing in fashion?

I believe in buying pieces I love and that make me feel good. I think about how much I will wear a piece, and then decide if it’s something I want to invest in. I believe in buying better now – that’s not to say it has to be expensive, but something that feels good and I know I will wear a lot. I think investing in a great blazer, coat, dress and shoes are important because you don’t have to refresh each season. There are things that really last a long time.  I have great coats and pieces that are more than 10 years old that I still love.  Lately, I like saving up and buying a special piece of jewelry for myself. One thing I stopped buying are statement shoes, I prefer to buy more classic styles and wear them season after season. 

Your most recent purchases?

The weather has been getting warmer now. I bought light cotton dresses from Collectiva Concepción, swimsuits from Jo de Mer and VerdeLimón and some nice linen pieces from Korimi. Classic denim shorts from Citizens of Humanity. 

What city are you spending the most time in these days and how does it influence your style?

I have been in Mexico City, and in the spring, it tends to feel warm and then cool in the evenings. I tend to wear a lot of jeans with blouses and a blazer. If I wear a dress I always have a shawl or blazer to throw over. 

Correspondent, Vogue Brazil and Founder, Tropic Consulting

Define your style in three words. 

Classic with a twist and a masculine touch.

What’s your current uniform? 

Bermudas and strappy sandals.

How has your style evolved over the past year, if at all?  

I embraced low heels. For a high heel addict, it was a big change.

What are your closet staples (those pieces you can’t live without)? 

Short sleeves button shirts.  I love shopping at the men’s collections of Prada and Valentino for them, and I wear with anything from bikinis to tulle skirts.  

What brands are on your radar at the moment?  

Oh so many nice new things!  But I have been craving dresses lately, and in this case it is always from Cris Barros (Brazilian designer). During the past year, my backyard and the boat were our private paradise so I wore a lot of swim, always from Agua de Coco. Shoes from Neos and By Far are a new addition to my closet.  

Any trends you’re embracing?  

I am embracing the 90’s – very much when I developed my sense of style –  I am using straight leg jeans and the “party tops” again. 

Best styling advice? 

Feel comfortable and wear it with poise.  Don’t try too much.  If it does not feel natural to you, forget it.  If it does, use it proudly! Even if it’s a red jumper with yellow dots. 

What are you investing in this season? 

Bottega shoes.

What city are you spending the most time in these days, and how does it influence your style?

I live in Miami and the city is HOT in more than one way now.  Miami’s weather  allowed us to be outside during winter and to enjoy the sea during the summer months, and that was pure sanity during the past year.  Although I did not lose my desire for a super fashion production, I did enjoy easy summer dresses with low heels to go with the Miami vibe. 

Co-founder, Latin American Fashion Summit and Tribu by LAFS

Define your style.

Authentic with classic clean lines and always with a piece of jewelry that makes a bold statement.

Current uniform?

Relaxed cotton floral dresses by Latin American designers to walk around my new home: Miami. 

 Closet essentials (those pieces you can’t live without)?

A white tailored button-down shirt, a perfect fitting blazer and a white T-shirt made of soft fabric.

 New brands on your radar?

Home furniture brands, since I recently moved to Miami and have a new house. Roberta Schilling Collection, Ente and Karla Lacayo are some of my favorites!

 Go-to style hack?

Before leaving home, I look at myself in the mirror to check if I need to take something off. I am extremely self-conscious of not looking overdone.

 What trends are you embracing at the moment?

I never followed trends. I tend to stay with my personal style, which is more classic. However, I always loved feminine dresses, and they seem to be in trend nowadays, which is great for me because lately I’m finding beautiful ones!

 Approach to investing in fashion? 

Investing in timeless pieces that will stay in my closet for more than just a season. I like pieces made of quality fabric that tell an inspiring story and belong to a brand with a significant purpose and an outstanding product. When investing, I believe that less is more, that quality should always be put over quantity, and that the versatility of the piece should be taken into account.  

 What are you buying this season?

After being in lockdown for a whole year and investing in comfortable loungewear and t-shirts, I’m now starting to look into great feminine looks for this summer. Garments that make me feel confident and full of life, with the hope of returning to normality.

 What city are you spending the most time in these days, and how does it influence your style?

Recently I moved to Miami where I am spending most of my time, and it is definitely influencing my style. I’m wearing more cotton dresses than ever, which I used to wear more frequently during my vacations.

Freelance Writer and Editor, Vogue US, L’Officiel US, Architectural Digest and Travel + Leisure, amongst others.

How would you define your style?

Minimal but always with a touch of boho… so maybe let’s call it romantic!

Current uniform?

Knit pants and a flowey linen blouse. Lots of good jewelry.

How has your style evolved over the past year, if at all?

My style over the past year hasn’t changed at all. Comfort has always been most important for me when it comes to style, it’s not something I’m willing to sacrifice on. That being said, I’ve sort of mastered the ‘pulled together comfort’ look over the years.

Is there a piece in your closet you can’t live without? What makes it so special?

My grandmother’s jewelry.

Best recent brand discovery?

Monolito necklaces from Colombia, which double as perfume vials!

What trends are you embracing at the moment?

I gave up on trends in my early to mid 20’s! Now, I only dress in what flatters me. If that means buying the same dress in 5 colors, so be it! It took lots of trend-related trial and error mistakes in my early 20’s to finally get it right though, ha!

Approach to investing in fashion? 

Artisan-made is my version of luxury. I am very different from my fashion industry friends in that way. You will never see me buying a designer handbag, let’s just say that. I invest in handcraft, tradition and humans. Sustainable fashion is also a worthy investment for me.

Favorite brands #MadeinLatinAmerica?

For clothes: Escvdo, Silvia Tcherassi, Agua by Agua, Maison Alma, Dan Cassab, Aguel and Sancte. For swim: Cala de la Cruz.  For bags: Verdi and Adriana Castro. For jewelry: Beck jewels, Monica Sordo, Dezso, ByXan, Monolito. 

What pieces are you adding to your cart this season?


Co-founder, Latin American Fashion Summit and Tribu by LAFS

Define your style in three words.

Simple, Relaxed, Femenine.

Current uniform. 

Comfy and fresh dresses, tunics or kaftans.

 What are your closet essentials? 

I found a cotton dress made in Yucatan. The brand is Manus Darem and it comes in 4 different color ways (solids). They are so comfy and pretty, I want to wear them every day! To me, they’ve become as essential as a white t-shirt.

 How has your style evolved over the past year, if at all? 

It has completely shifted into more comfortable, simple, timeless and versatile pieces. 

New brands on your radar? 

Cult Hera, Manus Darem & Sisa 

 Go to style hack? 

My husband’s shirts worn as oversized shirt dresses.

What trends are you embracing at the moment? 

I love that high heels are over. 

 What pieces are you investing in this season? 

Pieces that can go from beach to bar; Tunics, sandals and necklaces.

 Best recent discovery #MadeinLatinAmerica? 

Everything in Coqui Coqui.

 What city are you spending the most time in these days, and how does it influence your style? 

My style has changed dramatically from living in Mexico City to moving to Yucatan! For me it’s now all about simple, beautiful and comfortable pieces; dresses, tunics or wrap skirts in cotton or linen, cute sandals, and lots of versatile bathing suits that can be worn as tops. All of my boots, blazers and shirts are in storage until further notice. 

Fashion Director, Vogue Mexico & Latin America

How would you define your style?

I consider my style to be very classic with a touch of masculine and relaxed. I also could say there is a bit of Rock and Roll. I like to combine classic pieces with vintage or things I buy in a thrift shop or a Mercado. 

Current uniform.

Blue blazer, blue jean with a simple t-shirt underneath, a balance between relaxed and femenine. 

How has your style evolved over the past year, if at all?

I think I always liked classics more than the seasonal trends. 

What are your closet essentials?

Black leather pants, perfect black blazer, tailored pants and tuxedo jacket, denim, white shirts, boots. 

Best styling advice?

Comfort is very important. No matter how much you like something… if it is not comfortable, it will definitely not look good. 

What brands are currently on your radar?

I love Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant, Chloé with Gabriela Hearst. I also love buying local small designers or artesanal pieces. 

What are you investing in?

Pieces that will be with me forever. A classic bag or a beautiful jacket that I will wear over and over. 

Best recent discovery #MadeinLatinAmerica?

Espíritu sandalias. Fell in love. I love artesanal pieces and I collect classic morrales from all around Latin America. 

What city are you spending the most time in these days, and how does it influence your style?

Mexico City. I love how international it is nowadays. The city has the best weather, a bit cold and a bit warm. I can wear my whole closet during the year. 

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