The promotional activity (“Activity”) governed by these terms and conditions is developedand executedby the Mastercard International Incorporated (“Mastercard”) in conjunction with TEXSAL S.A.S. (“St. Dom”) identified with Nit. 900.029.520-1.

  1. General Description of the Activity:
    Mastercard Cardholders, with their Mastercard Debit and Credit Cards (Standard, Gold, Platinum, Black) Prepaid and Business, will be able to acquire the exclusive experience by entering through the web page www.priceless.com, upon which they will be redirected to the landing page https://stdom.co/es/styling-service/ (Spanish version) and https://stdom.co/en/styling-service / (English version) (“Landing”), where they will be able to purchase the experience.
  2. Experiencie:
    The experience that the Cardholders may acquire during the term of the Activity consists of:
    • With the new St Dom Styling Services, Mastercard cardholders will be able to acquire the exclusive fashion consulting and personal shopper service. During the first month of the activity launch, for a sum of ($50,000 COP), Mastercard cardholders will receive a specially curated box containing an assortment of garments, all selected by a St Dom approved stylist. Additional to this, the package with contain a small box of chocolates with a personalized card from the brands.
  3. Validity:
    The experience of the fashion consulting and personal shopper service, together with the box of chocolates, will be valid from July 2021 until December 31, 2021. The boxes of chocolates will be delivered until the (100) available units are exhausted.
    The exclusivity of the payment method with Mastercard Cards will only be valid for one month, from July 2021 to August 2021.
  4. Coverage:
    The Styling Service will be available in Bogotá and Cartagena, the two cities where the St. Dom stores can be found.
  5. Access to Experience:
    – Cardholders may access the Styling Services section on the St Dom website when connecting viawww.priceless.com platform through the link assigned, which then will redirect the user to the experience.
    – Cardholders who are previously registered on the www.priceless.com platform and request the experience link will be able to access this benefit.
    – Within the link of the experience https://stdom.co/es/styling-service/ (Español) and https://stdom.co/en/styling-service/ (English),the Cardholder will be prompted to fill out the “style questionnaire” that will record their requirements, thus allowing for the St Dom stylist to personalize the selection.
    – During the first month of the experience, the exclusivity of half payment with Mastercard and the gift that the Cardholder will receive will be announced in the payment section.
    – The value of the service ($ 50,000 COP) will be used as a part of the total payment,in case the Cardholder decides to buy the selected St DOM items.
    – Once the form has been completed, the Style advisors will receive and review the request, upon which they will contact the Cardholder via email(within 24 to 48 hours)to coordinate the selection and the delivery of the garments.
    – The Cardholder will be informed that their selection is ready, which will then be delivered to the home address entered in the form.
    – Once the package is received, the Cardholder will need to review and decide which items to keep or return within the next 24 hours.
    – The garments that are to be returned will be collected by the St Dom messenger service.
    -During the entire experience, the St Dom staff and stylists will be available and in continuous communication via email.
    – Starting from the second month of the experience, the gift to receive will be announced only after the payment is processed with Mastercard Credit, Prepaid and Business Cards (Platinum and Black).
  6. Requirements to access the experience and benefit:
    The above mentioned experience will be available to the individuals that:

    1. Are holders of a Mastercard Debit or Credit Card (Standard, Gold, Platinum, Black),Prepaid and Business, that has been issued by a financial institution and that is active and current.
    2. Accept these terms and conditions.
    3. Be of legal age, (18) years or older.
    4. Access the experience within the established dates.
  7. Limitations:
    – Experience valid only in Bogotá and Cartagena, and onlyby accessing online via www.priceless.com.
    – The experience will be enabled only during the dates described in Number 3 of these terms and conditions.
    – The link that redirects to the landing of the experience will be sent to the Cardholder only by means of an email which was previously registered atwww.priceless.com.
  8. Legalities:
    8.1 By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Cardholder authorizes St Dom to collect, store, process, update, use and transmit their personal information for the purposes of properly executing the aforementioned Promotional Activity and making effective the delivery of the experience to the Cardholder. By participating, unless there is a written statement to the contrary, the Cardholder fully accepts the data processing policy of St Dom. Likewise, he previously, expressly and informedly, authorizes Mastercard and the persons authorized by it (such as advertising agencies), to process your personal data, with the main purpose of redirecting you to the landing page of St Dom for the acquisition of the aforementioned experience, as well as others as described in section 1.2. of the Terms of Use of the www.priceless.com platform, which can be consulted at https://www.priceless.com/terms/es_CO.
    8.2 St Dom and Mastercard reserve the right to cancel purchases that they consider suspicious or fraudulent.
    8.3 By accessing the experience and the benefits that go with it, the Cardholder directly and irrevocably states that they are aware of these terms and conditions and accept them in their entirety.
    8.4 The experience cannot be exchanged for other goods or services, nor can it be combined with other promotions..
    8.5 St Dom is, exclusively and directly, responsible to Mastercard Cardholders for the quality of the services and products that are acquired during the validity of the aforementioned Activity, as well as any compliance with all existing regulations during the period of the Activity, especially those established in the Consumer Statute (Law 1480 of 2011). Mastercard does not provide any product or service, nor is responsible for these, nor for any human or technical errors that make it impossible to receive the aforementioned experience.
    8.6 Neither St. Dom nor Mastercard are responsible for any difficulties that may present at the time of payment. In the event of any inconvenience with the payment card, or any discussion about its validity, capacity, and, in general, any matter that may affect the payment, the Cardholder acknowledges that neither Mastercard nor St Dom are responsible for such irregularity, and must carry out the corresponding claims directly with their bank.
    8.7 If necessary, and / or at their discretion, Mastercard and St Dom reserve the right to expand and / or clarify the scope of these terms and conditions and / or any of the procedures. Mastercard and St. Dom reserve the right to eliminate the experience and / or benefit, as well as to cease its offer before the initial expiration period
    8.8 By using the www.priceless.com platform, the Cardholder confirms that he knows and accepts the conditions of use as stated at https://www.priceless.com/terms/es_CO.
    8.9 The Cardholders acknowledge and accept that the applicable law for any controversy that arises in relation to the Activity will be that of Colombia and they waive their right to initiate any type of claim in another jurisdiction.