By: Kelly Talamas


The long awaited new year is here, and whether these early days in January find you lingering on the beach or nestled at home, as we look forward to the future, there’s a universal buoyant energy in our mood. Carefree, confident and optimistic, this attitude is embodied in the clothing that characterizes our days of leisure. 

This year, as we set our sartorial intentions, we’re seeking escapism through our wardrobes, betting on a style that reflects and inspires a positive state of mind. Nothing says relaxed easiness quite like resort wear, which is why we sought out the wisdom of three masters of the craft who discuss where they escape to for inspiration, their go-to, feel good pieces and how they’re defining escapism in 2021.


Where are you escaping to? Cartagena.

What’s in your suitcase? A linen suit I can wear for a nice dinner, comfortable shorts to roam around the city, a versatile shirt I can style for every occasion, some good swimwear and bronzer.

Your go-to place for inspiration? I find inspiration in my surroundings, I’m very lucky to come from a family of farmers, so very often I find myself in endless Sugarcane fields, beautiful cornfields, banana plantations or exploring different areas of Colombia with stunning natural beauty. Whenever I find myself short of inspiration, I try to remember those times when as a kid I went to harvest with my father or even when I started planting my own crops, those memories help me trigger my creativity.

Fill in the blank: The perfect vacation is not complete without a taste of local food.

What does escapism mean to you? Escapism to me is a parenthesis in routine, a space where I can remove myself from usual daily activities and relocate (mentally or physically) for a bit. It’s a way to reset and refresh that I find necessary after long periods of monotonous activities.



Where are you escaping to? We came from a year at home so our dream place to escape is the sea. We are going to our favorite city, Cartagena! We decided that the first trip we could be able to do would be inside our country.

What’s in your suitcases? We always have some of our Beach totes, a Tenza hat, a Tropic fan and some maxi sunglasses. We like to be prepared for the heat and everything that implies a trip to the beach.

Your go-to place for inspiration? A place with a lot of nature, if its possible sea or water nearby.

Fill in the blank: The perfect vacation is not complete without a taste of perfect warm weather.

What does escapism mean to you? To be able to disconnect and rest both the mind and the body. It is the best recharge to return full of energy and with new ideas.



Where are you escaping to? Miami and the Florida Keys.

What’s in your suitcase? Tons of multi use swim to wear on and off the beach, comfy chic basics/layering pieces and statement accessories.

Your go-to place for inspiration?  It’s always been while traveling and exploring, in the architecture, the people, art galleries, vintage stores… I think the next one might just be inspired in the art deco of the Florida Keys. 

Fill in the blank: The perfect vacation is not complete without great company.

What does escapism mean to you? Leaving your worries behind and opening your heart up to what the new adventures will bring.