By: Kelly Talamas

When it comes to closet essentials, a solid pair of sunglasses is non-negotiable. With our eyes commanding more attention than ever, a clever choice in eyewear is paramount, which is why our sunny Linda Farrow shop-in-shops have become a favorite nook in our stores. Because not all shades are created equal, we turned to sunglass guru Simon Jablon, founder and creative genius behind the Linda Farrow brand, for expert advice when deciding between an aviator or a cat-eye.

When it comes to choosing the perfect frame for your face, what’s your expert advice? 

Have fun! Don’t always stay safe, otherwise you will feel nothing special when wearing them. It’s not about just being noticed, it’s the feeling you get by wearing something fabulous!

Within the Linda Farrow collections, is there a go-to frame that never fails?

We have a few styles that spring to mind. The Calthorpe is a best selling frame, but I also like the Debbie and Dunaway which suit most people. Aviators are also always a must for everyone’s collection.

What’s one flaw people often make when picking out sunglasses?

Picking a style a celebrity wears although they have a very different face structure. It helps to pick a trend, but always make sure you look great in the frame.

Linda Farrow (your mother) was a pioneer in introducing sunglasses as a fashion statement. How does this apply to your current approach when designing for the brand? 

When relaunching the brand it was always of paramount importance we stay true to the DNA of the brand. Staying true to her values was a must, and having that heritage is something we are very proud of. Our heritage is all about looking forward and the new. Not a look back to the past. It is respecting the past, but bringing the new.

What is your principal source of inspiration when building a collection?

It changes from collection to collection, but there is always a hint to our heritage of 1970s chic. Each season we use the muse that is Linda’s essence and place her within a time and place. From there, you can envisage a whole world around her. That helps not only the design of the collection, but the colour palettes, the campaign images and everything else that relates to the collection within that season. Linda’s energy and the 1970s heritage is the consistent thread that ties each collection together.

Do you imagine destinations where your customers will wear their frames ? What are some of your favourite travel destinations?

Of course, our clientele is from all over the world, and consists of the most fashionable and outgoing personalities. They wear their Linda Farrow’s with pride in some of the most fabulous and exotic locations. Personally, my favourite locations are Positano, Tel Aviv, Amanpulo in the Philippines and I do love Cartagena!

The Linda Farrow brand is big on collaborations. Any Colombian or Latin designer you’re looking at?

It’s quite interesting, but I have been a little unlucky when it comes to Colombian designers. I have had meetings and discussions with three great designers that never seemed to materialise even though we were all looking positive.

Sometimes that’s the way it is. It’s all about timing and things happening when it is right. They were Johanna Ortiz, Edgardo Osoria who is the fantastic designer behind the shoe brand Aquazzura, and the last one I didn’t ever know he was Colombian at the time, but is one of my all-time favourite designers which is Haider Ackermann

They say sunglasses can say a lot about who you are or the image you want to convey.

Push yourself and dare to be bold. If you do that, you will feel great! That is the pair fo you!

With that in mind
what model of sunglasses do you recommend…

When looking to make a statement?

Dunaway Sunglasses

To appear sophisticated?

Debbie Sunglasses

For a fashionable lunch?

Asher Sunglasses

To create mystery?

Alona Sunglasses

For strolling the streets of Cartagena?

Jimi Sunglasses

While on business in Bogota?

Calthorpe Sunglasses